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Total Insurance Solutions

JAB Insurance Brokers Inc. strives to create a comfortable environment where the strong agent to client relationship overshadows any negative or disconcerting feelings that the exchange of insurance can produce


General Liability / Commercial Property / Commercial Auto / Workers Comp / Professional Liability / Commercial Umbrella



Dwelling / Personal Property / Loss of Use / Personal Liability

Personal Auto

Auto Liability / Physical damage / Uninsured & Underinsured Motorists / First Party Benefits / Tort Option

Niche Industries

Condo Association / Property Management / Artisan Contractors / Automotive Repair Shops


Providing total insurance solutions for businesses from large to small, and for individuals in all stages of life. Insurance is a valuable tool that transfers risk away from you.  It is very important to understand as a business or an individual what risk you are retaining and what risk you are transferring.

Free No Obligation Quotes

We offer a free coverage analysis along with free comparison proposals in order to make sure you understand the underlying coverage you are paying a premium for. We help our clients to understand the details which aren’t often explained. This gives meaning and significance to the purchase of insurance.